What You Missed if You Didn’t Attend the NJDPA Practice Enhancement Seminar

The conference room of the APA Hotel in Woodbridge was filled to capacity Monday, June 11, for the New Jersey Doctor-Patient Alliance Practice Enhancement Seminar focusing on what independent providers should do to prepare for the uncertainty coming with the new out-of-network law.

From top left clockwise: Eric Poe, Leslie Howard, Joseph Ariyan, Neelendu Bose, Michael Maron, Sen. Joseph Lagana.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed A2039/S485 into law on June 1. Before the ink was dry on the bill, the NJDPA was already planning its seminar to help doctors and other medical providers navigate the uncertain future.

More than 300 doctors, billing specialists and other medical professionals heard presentations by leading experts in the field, including insights from state Sen. Joseph Lagana, a Democrat who has listened to the concerns raised by doctors about the out-of-network legislation.

Other speakers included Leslie Howard, Esq., the founding member of Cohen and Howard, and Joseph Ariyan, Esq., the founding member of Ariyan Law, who both deconstructed the law’s impact on medical practices.

Michael Maron, the CEO of Holy Name Hospital, gave his perspective as a hospital leader on fostering healthy relationships among doctors, hospitals and patients.

Eric Poe, the complex claims litigation officer for NJ Pure, spoke about medical malpractice, while Neelendu Bose, a healthcare compliance officer with AccordMS, explained ways to recoup money from charged-off bills.

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